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The person making the registration is responsible for himself and for all the persons he has signed up regarding the suitability of the participation and all the consequences of this, and renounces, frees and exempts event organizers and all other persons in any way associated with the event, from any liability, claim, legal action, and damages in any way linked to participation in the event. N.B. All the players of the team have to be more than 18 years old. In case the person responsible for registration inserts false invoicing datas the registration will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded. In case of cancellation of the event the registration fee (if regularly recieved) will be refunded by the organization. In the event of a postponement of the event, within 48 hours from the communication via email, the person responsible for the registration may request the cancellation of the team and the subsequent reimbursement of the registration fee.