Nascondino World Championship 2018:
24/25/26 August. Consonno (North Italy)


Nascondino World Championship is the first and only international hide and seek competition.
Hide and seek is a game played since the dawn of times in each corner of the earth. Hiding is an animal instinct. The most spread game on the Earth deserves its World Championship.
Teams of 5 players (more than 18 years old) from all around the world can sign up on this website starting from May.


During the last edition 80 teams from Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Guinea, USA, Japan and Australia played hard to win the Golden Fig Leaf for 3 rainy days of pure amusement, beer and concerts in the abandoned village of Consonno (Lecco, North Italy).

Nascondino World Championship invites people to come out throughout the year and to hide only during the days of the crazy and wild international competition.
Each person deserves to participate, declaring his freedom to play for a week end to become a world champion.


Check out Nascondino World Championship Facebook page for updates on the 2018 edition.
Seek us out!


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