The only hide and seek international competition. The VIII edition of Nascondino World Championship will be held from September 8-10, 2017, in the ghost town of Consonno (Italy), an abandoned ‘70s adult’s wonderland.
80 teams will face each other in the bucolic fields of Consonno. Only one team will emerge the winner of the Golden Fig Leaf. The competition is an invitation to return to playing with unabashed and carefree abandon. Hide and seek has been played all over the world as far back as history can remember. Hiding is an animal instinct. The most played game on Earth deserves its own World Champions, and that could be you. All Free!

Consonno used to be an adult’s Wonderland. Today it is a ghost town. In the early 60’s, entrepreneur Count Mario Bagno decided to create the Las Vegas of Italy in Consonno. He built a minaret, a Chinese pagoda, a medieval castle, a dance hall, a motel and many other luxurious recreation centers designed to cater to the Lombard bourgeoisie. A landslide struck just a few years after this entertainment city was inaugurated effectively shutting it down for good. The project failed.
The bizarre, decadent buildings, as well as signs such as “Consonno is the smallest and most beautiful country in the world” and “Consonno is always a party” still remain. But Consonno isn’t only a ghost town and the objective of Nascondino World Championships is to draw out the hidden features of the ghost town. The playing field itself is a beautiful, sprawling 65,000m2 terraced valley that overlooks the surrounding plains.

Teams made up of 5 players over the age of 18 can register starting at 10:00 am (GMT) on May 15th, 2017.



The entry fee is 125.00€ per team and includes the official uniform for each player, camping for two nights, and a free pass to the concerts that will be held that weekend.

In case of extremely adverse weather conditions, the event will be postponed to the following weekend.

On Friday and Saturday night, the Nascondino MuSeek Festival will transform all of Consonno into a stage holding numerous concerts in and around the ghost town. Rock, acoustic and electronic music will be played on and off stage.



After the traditional concerts are held, Hidden Concerts will be held, scattered throughout the wild fields: follow the sounds of the music through ghost country to find the concerts.
The full program will be unveiled here during the summer.

In addition to the playing area, there will be an area dedicated entirely to food and beer. “L’Imboscata” [The Forest Hideaway”] is home to a selection of the best craft breweries in Italy.



Specialty food trucks have been carefully selected to guarantee participants and spectators the highest quality food and drink.

A weekend in the ghost town. The “Wild and Seek” camping area will be on the highest terrace beside the playing field. All participating teams will be able to camp in the camping area (it is included in the registration fee) which will be furnished with toilets and free electricity. Parking space for campers will also be provided.
Spectators and staff who would like to stay overnight in the area will be offered a special price at one of the hotels or B&B’s partnered with Nascondino World Championship. For more information please write to

14:00 The doors of Consonno open
14:30 Team Check-In: Camping Area, and Food & Beer area open
18:00 Concerts, DJ sets, street food and craft beer
01:00 Consonno doors close
08:30 Doors open to the public, breakfast, and warm-up
10:00 The ancient practice of “Launch the bank card” will sort the teams into rounds
11.30 Nascondino World Championship begins: 8 rounds
13.00 Lunch Break at “L’imboscata” street food & craft beer
14.00 Nascondino World Championship: 20 rounds
18:00 Concerts, DJ sets, street food and craft beer
01:00 Consonno doors close
08:30 Doors open to the public, breakfast, and warm-up
11:00 Nascondino World Championship: 12 rounds
13:00 Lunch Break at “L’imboscata” street food & craft beer
14:30 Nascondino World Championship Finals: 10 rounds
16:00 Interval with Hide and Seek for children
16:30 Nascondino World Championship Deciding Round: 5 rounds
17:30 Award ceremony and final party
22:30 End of the VIII edition of Nascondino World Championship

80 teams made up of 5 players will be divided into 4 rounds. There is 1 team of neutral seekers. Every team will be given an official uniform. The color of the uniform will be determined by the ancient practice of “Launch of the Bank Card”. Hide And Seek World Championship is played in rounds. Players are given 60 seconds to find a hiding place and must then reach home base (a large soft mattress) before the seeker and within the time limit.
The first to reach home base successfully is awarded 20 points. The second is awarded 19 and so forth.  Players eliminated by a seeker will not receive any points.  Players found cheating and players who don’t reach home base before the siren marks the end of the round will receive zero points.  Team points are tallied based on points of individual team members. The 20 teams with the most points will advance to the Finals, which will determine the winning team. The winning team will be awarded The 2017 Golden Fig Leaf.